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One to One: Let's Get Personal

One-to-one marketing is all about getting to know your customers better. In the past, we've facilitated relationships with customers by treating them as segments such as "children" or "elderly" or by offering a product that addresses a certain need. Today, we've found that we can create more value by building long-term relationships with our customers. In order to treat customers individually, Martha Rogers and Don Peppers have coined the phrase "one-to-one" marketing. One-to-one is all about treating your customers as a segment of one, and tailoring products, services and promotions on an individual basis. Business intelligence plays an important role in building one-to-one relationships.

Business intelligence allows you to learn much more about your customers. It helps you understand what their buying habits are, what products they are likely to purchase and when they are likely to purchase them. This information is valuable in helping you establish a one-to-one relationship. By knowing more about how your customers shop and what sorts of promotion they will respond to, it is easier to build a promotion and product line that is specific to them.

For example, department stores are prime targets for one-to-one campaigns. Over time, a customer may have shopped at a particular department store and purchased a wide variety of items. By examining his or …

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