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Application Servers Can't Do Everything!

I recently completed an architecture evaluation assignment where we had to make a call on the effectiveness of the web application server. The application server component is the key piece of a distributed computing architecture.


Why is this so important? It seems clear now that eventually all applications (not just customer facing applications) are going to use a web front end. The browser is now an integral part of the Windows operating system. Hyperlinks can now be inserted into any Windows application and we can expect that Microsoft will pursue its strategy of using Internet Explorer for viewing any application or system function. The Internet browser has become the de facto standard for GUI building. Other GUIs will not survive this attack. The most popular GUI builder is Visual Basic. Other popular GUI builders include Oracle, PowerBuilder, Delphi and a handful of also-rans.


Java has taken over as the language of choice to build GUIs. As well it should. Java as a language allows powerful and flexible programming-object-oriented constructs. It is highly extensible to include any and all forms of presentation objects like 2D and 3D animations, sound, video, images and graphics on top of the panoply of existing controls like text boxes, drop-down lists, matrices of objects, etcJava is extended to the server via servlets and can connect with …

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