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Operations as a Final Destination to Successful Project Delivery

Dr. Nidhi Gupta is an accomplished professional who has served the healthcare industry for over 10 years as a dental surgeon in India and as a lead consultant to the nonprofit organization of Health and Human Services for the state of Texas to assist with healthcare programs, eligibility, business data analytics, and reporting needs.

This article describes how operations play a critical role in the successful maintenance and sustainability of products or services once they are released into production. As operations are continuous and permanent efforts to yield repetitive output, they play a substantial role in determining the profit that a company can earn by keeping the systems up and running. It is revealed that employing a disciplined approach to operations management can lead to increased effectiveness, cutting costs, and a competitive advantage. This article presents various processes involved in operations management along with the metrics to gauge the importance of operational readiness in any organization.

Operations have a vital role in improving firms’ productivity and profitability. A study conducted by Ramanujan College of Management (2013) revealed that companies can significantly enhance their profit margins by reducing the operations costs rather than increasing sales or reducing finance costs. Moreover, operational readiness describes how approximately 30% of the value that a capital program can bring can be demolished due to operational readiness failures (Deloitte, 2012).

In recent years, firms have realized the significance of aligning operational strategy with an organization’s mission and overall corporate strategy to gain a competitive edge …

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