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Converting Your Thoughts to $$$

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We are always talking about the value that knowledge has for an organization. It's important to codify it, refine it, nurture it and generally mold it into exactly what you'll need later. Now you, as an individual, can sell your ideas and knowledge in the form of a white paper. Armies of would-be authors are clamoring onto the web at sites like Fatbrain's ematter and Demand Ventures' newly minted Knexa. Other great ideas are being developed, then acquired and re-framed like ithority where you can sell actual answers to specific questions. If you are an expert in a particular field, then perhaps is the best place to sell your wares.

These sites can help you create value for your company as well. On a corporate level, publishing your company's documents on a public web site might be an interesting option. The opportunities that it opens up, however, are even more interesting. What happens when you take documentation that might be useful to others (but hopefully not to the competition) and make it available on the web as well as internally? The potential for creating new value is staggering.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Do people in your company make presentations at conferences? Video tape them and sell the results to
  • Would the information that you create in-house be of interest to others in your industry or supply chain? Take a …

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