Project Management

What's Your (Purpose) Story?

Kindra Hall

It was a Friday morning and Lisa was in a tough spot. She was managing the project for a client's homepage, and while the client was enthusiastic, their enthusiasm often took the team in a hundred different directions. None of which were within the scope of the project or were in their own best interest. 


Though the phrase "Between a rock and a hard place" is frequently used by those who find themselves in challenging situations, no one except perhaps an actual rock climber understands this phrase better than a project manager. On this Friday morning, Lisa found herself stuck between a client who wanted a 20-slide carousel as their homepage (rock) and developers who believed that was both ineffective and downright ridiculous (hard place).


Lisa had to to find a middle ground by the end of the day, because if this project crossed into another week, there would be a whole new mountain to climb.


This uncomfortable spot is not an uncommon location for project managers, regardless of industry. Navigating the rocky terrain of two seemingly opposing parties with different ideas of success comes with the territory. The better you are at bridging the gap between the two, the better you will be as a project manager. And one of the best bridge-building strategies is storytelling.


There are other gaps everywhere in …

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