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Career development is a very personal thing. The solution for you will be different, even if only in certain nuances, from everyone else. It is important to carefully consider where you want to go—and then your plan for career development—as it can have an impact on many aspects of your life.

In planning your career development, it is most important to maintain a clear perspective. You need to get clarity on your personal preferences for work as well as learning, and try to keep a balance among many career factors such as lifestyle, environment, health, career mobility and money. If you can do well balancing these considerations, you will experience good career fulfillment.

Learning Preferences
There is a plethora of training and development available to you from many sources and in many forms. It is important to understand your preferences as well as your needs.

Consider the work environments and learning approaches you have encountered and rate them on a scale from “highly structured” to “loosely structured.” Think about your career, and think about the choices you have already made related to school, area of study, companies and work environment. How highly or loosely structured were they? What did you like the best…and the least? This will give you an idea as to whether you prefer highly or loosely structured approaches.

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