Do You Practice Career Resiliency?

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A resilient company or person can withstand shock, disruption and stress. They have the resources, skills and network to persevere despite problems. Unfortunately, some professionals do not see their career in those terms.

Building a successful career is the ultimate project. Take the right approach, and you can create projects that change the world—and earn a great living in the process. If you neglect this important project, you will face a different fate entirely. Your career might crash. Alternatively, you might simply miss out on great opportunities in the future and retire with significant regrets.

Evaluate Your Career Resiliency
There are three factors that drive a resilient career. By optimizing all of these factors, you will be well-positioned to thrive despite the impact of disruption.

1. Network: Who you know remains the single most crucial factor in your career success. To evaluate your network, consider two questions:

  • How are you doing in terms of supporting your current connections? Over the past few years, I’ve had a few friends ask for insight about job postings at an organization I know well. I’ve been able to give them some additional insight. Look for ways to support the people you already know.
  • How many people have you added to your network in the past year? Your network of connections is subject to entropy—you will …

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