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Topic Teasers Vol. 126: Gone Phishing, Help Yourself

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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My latest corporate project is to set up a structured plan to protect the organization against hackers and phishers. I will be working with team members from information technology, training, human resources and procurement. I don’t quite understand why this isn’t solely an IT project, but I am happy to have a multi-departmental project as it is actually a promotion for me. The CEO is our product owner, so I have to make a good showing. The only problem is I don’t know anything about hacking and phishing. Can you give me a quick immersion experience?

A. A very real problem for enterprises today is keeping their data secure. If they could keep it in a single locked room (as they could in the past), there would be a better chance. But with international locations, contractors, cloud storage and the unthinking exposure that can come from employees, it’s important to have a good penetration testing process and a phishing training program to lessen the risk of outside exposure.

B. Phishing is the deliberate leakage of new corporate products and services onto the internet, but having the information appear to be a secret that was exposed before it’s time. The idea is to get customers panting to buy the new offerings…

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