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Michel Wagner, PMP, is a program manager currently working on implementing a regional enterprise resource management (ERM) solution within Fujitsu Oceania. Prior to this role, he managed a program of work to configure and roll out a project portfolio management (PPM) tool. In 2015, he completed a regional program consisting of deploying a global SAP template across Fujitsu Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines).

Project success is traditionally focused on delivering a project within the constraints of time, budget, and scope. Little consideration is generally given to the product of the project from a commercial perspective, as well as from a human-impact viewpoint.

This article outlines the risks associated with the “new world disorder” and the challenges that modern technologies have brought that require new ethical perspectives on the delivery of projects and more considerations for outcomes. An improvement to the project management framework is proposed to analyze the ethical value of the product of the project, as well as the conduct of the provider in case of defect or failure.

One of my first projects consisted of implementing a new invoicing system for a company distributing white goods. Our team was developing a new application that could result in a couple of invoicing staff facing the risk of redundancy. As a young analyst-programmer, I was completely unaware of this potential business outcome. However, a senior salesperson wasn’t: He locked me up with another developer in an office room and explained his concerns to us in a threatening way, accusing us of developing a system that would result in staff losing their jobs.

Much later on, I managed a project to launch a new financial investment product for an insurance company.…

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