6 Tips for Contributing to Organizational Agility as a PM

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How do you survive and thrive in the age of increasing organizational agility? That’s a tough challenge for project managers, especially those of us who thrive on process and organization.

We’re seeing signs that the speed and impact of changes in organizations and the broader environment are increasing. One of the best ways of analyzing this changing world is through the acronym VUCA.

How to Understand 2019 as a VUCA World
I first encountered the “VUCA” concept at a PMI conference several years ago. Like all good mental models, this concept has only become more productive and valuable since then.

  • Volatility: Sometimes used as a proxy to measure risk, volatility is the tendency to change rapidly or unpredictably generally for the worse. For example, if protests continue to shut down Hong Kong or another major commercial center, that volatility may impact your project’s ability to move ahead,
  • Uncertainty: There are a few ways to track the increase in uncertainty. When uncertainty increases, it becomes more difficult and expensive to plan for the future. In a project context, this means long-term project timelines are more likely to be disrupted.
  • Complexity: What’s the difference between a five-person project team and a 50-person project team? There is a dramatic increase in communication and leadership complexity. In a global …

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