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Topic Teasers Vol. 127: Deciding Through Lego Experiences?

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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Use whatever methodology you want! I still have yet to find one that can help me make tough decisions mid-project. It seems that there are always obstacles that arise, timing that gets disrupted, budgeting issues that were unrealistic from the outset and tough paths no matter which way I turn. I get in such a turmoil about trying to have a positive outcome that I’m almost frozen with indecision. What’s the part they leave out that helps project managers or scrum participants make the tough decisions?

A. We are hired to manage and participate in completing projects. If we are given impossible standards, the project will fail and we can still feel free of blame about the experience. Since we are not the ones creating the initial goals, we cannot be held responsible if they are not achieved.

B. It’s easy to have sticky project decision almost paralyze us. There are so many possibilities that it becomes almost impossible to sit and sort them out in our minds. Perhaps there are tactile steps we can find to help clarify what is the most workable decision.

C. Legos are successful toys because all of the pieces are pre-packaged in the box and a picture of what to build is on the outside of the package. That’s why even …

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