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Beginning the Digital Transformation Journey: The Dev vs. Ops Challenge

Shashank is a program management professional with expertise in agile implementation and transformation. He has 11 years of global experience in portfolio and account management, delivering transformational solutions to clients.

Digital transformation has become the norm for every organization. There is intense competition, and industries are seeing more disruption than ever. On top of that, there is an ever-increasing customer expectation and satisfaction element—coupled with a social media influence.

Different organizations are in different stages of their journey. Many have embarked on it with little to no knowledge of the problems they are trying to solve. Here is what transformation experts and organizations should focus on as they move forward.

Beginning the digital transformation
With rising competition across industries disrupting the space, transformation is essential. Organizations are feeling the pressure from peers within and across industries. The world has already witnessed major phone leaders lose market share and struggle to survive the competition.

The dominating factor with transformation is the ability to reach the market and customers as fast as possible; organizations must stay ahead of the competition by creating business and customer value. DevOps has emerged as the leading trend that seems to solve most of the problems. It brings application teams together with the IT operations teams to eliminate risks and security-related issues, thereby reducing overall implementation costs and delivering faster.

While DevOps seems to be an attractive solution, successful …

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