Project Management

The Scribe Approach

Dileep is Founder/CEO of Mondrian Consulting. Mondrian provides technology and data analytics project management services.

“Did you write that down, scribe?”

Over the last year, I had the opportunity to support the reorganized work order management team of a large municipal facilities division. The work order management team is responsible for reviewing all maintenance work requests and approvals, and assigning work to teams for completion.

The challenge faced by this team was that the work order data was not trusted by the rest of the agency, especially when data reporting was needed by agency leaders. The lack of trust in the data came from instances of duplicate work orders, work order history not being updated in the system of record, or work orders being outside the agency’s responsibility.

As project manager for the newly rebooted team, I supported its natural drive for a culture emphasizing work order data integrity. A key ingredient for the project’s success was approaching the transformation project through the role of a “scribe.”

The new work order team formed with a startup mentality. Subject matter experts with deep experience and credibility were identified from across multiple work teams. As a lucky benefit, the technology admin team was physically seated near the work management team. This accelerated the logical synergy underlying the work order management system: The work order team’s data needs created the business requirements…

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