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How to Connect with Project Stakeholders Through Social Media

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Recently, I took a half-day course on change management. It helped me to realize the turmoil people experience in change when they are the stakeholder rather than the project manager. One story from somebody else in the courses brought it home.

He had led a significant office space transformation project at a company seeking to cut costs. As the lead on the project, he was well informed and understood what was involved. Later, he moved to a new organization where he was the “receiver” of the project. It was an entirely different emotional experience. There was much more doubt, uncertainty and perhaps even fear about the project and the changes it would bring. Does project work have to feel this scary for your stakeholders? No!

Why Engaging Stakeholders with Social Media Adds Value
Put yourself in the shoes of your stakeholders on your most recent project. What do they think and feel about it? Sure, you might have filled in a stakeholder management document, which is helpful for you as the project manager; however, such tools do not connect to your stakeholders. Projects that bring significant change are excellent places to use social media to reach out and connect with your stakeholders.

With social media, you have less control than with traditional “broadcast” style media tools. That’s the downside. The upside: more conversation! That …

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