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How PMOs Can Help the Next Generation of Project Professionals Thrive With Onboarding

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How well do you support up-and-coming professionals in the project management field?

That’s a critical question to explore as our profession works through increasing retirements, technological change and expansion. More than a third of organizations (36%) surveyed by PMI in Q1 2019 expect that their organization will hire more project managers within the next six months. If there is no onboarding process to support those new hires, they will have a negative experience at work—and the organization will suffer lost productivity.

We can’t map out an entire talent strategy here. Instead, we will focus on one of the most critical moments in a project management professional’s career: joining a new organization. As Chip Heath and Dan Heath point out in their book The Power of Moments, some moments in work make a tremendous impact on our success. A person’s first day in a new job is one of those critical times. Let me tell you a quick story about what happens when onboarding goes wrong.

Years ago, I started a new job. It was exciting to walk in, meet new people and find my way around a new building. The good news: The people I worked with were welcoming and happy to share their insights with me. The bad news: I had no access to the corporate network for over a week. That means no email and no access to the corporate network.

Fortunately, I …

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