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Overcoming Fatigue in Digital Transformation

Shashank is a program management professional with expertise in agile implementation and transformation. He has 11 years of global experience in portfolio and account management, delivering transformational solutions to clients.

In my previous article, I touched upon the challenges organizations face with transformation fatigue, which poses a major challenge and typically results from past failures in a given initiative.

Sometimes the extent of fatigue is so huge that even the mention of transformation at any level of the organization causes disappointment, agony and frustration. So the natural question is, how can you overcome this fatigue?

To overcome transformation fatigue, many organizations continue with their initiatives but simply shy away from using the word. But that isn’t a solution to the problem. It's important to have a holistic look at the entire journey and access where things have gone wrong. The band-aid approach rarely gives any desired results; in fact, it only adds to the ever-growing list of problems.

So let's look at steps companies can take to get back on track and overcome transformation fatigue:

  • Resolve team challenges: Leadership's first point of focus should be to identify all the challenges that the teams are facing. Putting together a plan to resolve them and having them as the No. 1 priority often results in short-term fatigue resolution.
  • Align business priorities with team development: Often, teams are pushed to achieve business goals that often aren’t realistic with respect to timelines. This results in single resources …

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