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Build A Deeper Team EQ

Kerry Goyette

A lot of people hear “emotional intelligence” and they think it’s all about the “me.” What are my tendencies and my triggers? How do my emotions and corresponding behaviors impact my team and their productivity? These are important questions to be asking, but they’re not the full picture. Let’s explore a fuller definition of emotional intelligence that I call EQ3: it asks leaders to move from “me” through “we” to “why.”

Take Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic, one of the world’s largest medical technology companies, who understood how to use emotional intelligence to move his employees from me to we to why. For instance, he would bring in a patient whose life had been saved by one of the company’s medical devices in order to highlight how every employee’s work helped to save lives. It was a perfect way to humanize their technology. Bill would also highlight a standout employee’s willingness to go above and beyond by recognizing their work, and connecting it to saving patient lives, in front of the entire organization. By helping employees to see that the technical work they were doing every day with machines had real, human impact, he moved his team from me to we to why.

You can move your projects from me to we to why by creating an emotionally intelligent environment that provides recognition, strives for clarity, and equips and empowers your teams.

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