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How Crucial Conversations Lead to Successful Transformation

Shashank is a program management professional with expertise in agile implementation and transformation. He has 11 years of global experience in portfolio and account management, delivering transformational solutions to clients.

What makes digital transformations successful? Most pundits would say there is no fixed game plan. That's true.

For this article, I will not limit myself to process and will look into the human behavior aspect. Digital transformations are complex, and most take anywhere from nine to 18 months to reach a steady desired state before transitioning to a state of continuous improvement.

However, many organizations look at it differently. They want to adopt a big bang approach to succeed and reduce that timeline to three to six months. But transformations typically never happen in that short duration. What can be achieved is to ensure that the organization is on the right path and has adopted the right principles, practices, technology and behaviors to succeed and achieve the desired state.

Getting on the right path gives organizational leadership the confidence for success and helps them allocate the necessary budget to achieve the desired future goals.

There are several ways organizations go about bringing the necessary changes. Some adopt a top-down approach, where every decision is taken at the management level and imposed upon the teams.

On the other hand, some transformational experts within the organization—as well as consultants—feel that the best way to bring about changes is to build relationships. There are several other ways organizations …

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