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The PMO Reboot


PMI highlights the project management strengths of our three PMO finalists, who all offer insights into how they benefit from emerging trends.

Technology is fundamentally reshaping organizations at an unprecedented rate. No corner of the business is immune from the seismic shift—including the PMO.

For proof, look no further than the three 2019 PMO of the Year finalists.

Technology is an enabler, but “jumping from the traditional way of executing projects to a digital era has proven to be a challenging task,” says Abdullah Seflan, project engineer at Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Adopting technology in the PMO inevitably translates to “a lot of mistakes and a lot of trial and error,” which is going to cost “a lot of money and time.” But it’s either catch up or fall behind, he says. “Making that leap—using technology to enhance our processes and project management—is a must.”

That doesn’t mean chasing after every new technology, though. Before any new digital solution is added into the mix, Seflan says the PMO makes extensive efforts to make sure it brings added value or greater efficiency.

At McDonald’s, technology has “given us a foundation to continually improve and adapt in a more agile way,” says Scott Badskey, director of portfolio and process management,…

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