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Ways to Give Back as a Project Manager—Even If You Are Crazy Busy

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As a project manager, you have tremendous value. You can take general ideas, translate them into plans, and bring them to life. As we come to the close of 2019, let’s reflect on ways we can give back. There are many problems in our world today, and we have a responsibility to make the world better.

Three Reasons Why Giving Back Is Good for YOU!
With all of the projects you have on your agenda, taking on more doesn’t sound appealing. I get it. If you view these activities as just one more activity, then yes—adding them to your calendar makes little sense. In reality, these activities add value to your life in three ways.

  1. Improve your mental health: Let’s start with the biggest and best benefit of volunteering. It tends to make you happier! You don’t have to take my word for it. Specifically, researchers have found that volunteer activities improve your mental health. Caroline Jenkinson and other researchers with the University of Exeter Medical School reviewed studies dealing with volunteering and health outcomes. They concluded that “volunteering had a positive impact on reducing depression and improving life satisfaction and well-being.” (The Value of Volunteering in Canada)
  2. Skill development: Given your career goals, you may want to develop new skills. However, it may not be possible to obtain opportunities to practice …

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