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9 Keys to Building Relationship IQ

Andrew Sobel

Strong relationships are vital to a healthy career. When we can’t make real connections with others in the workplace, they won’t feel loyal to us. We become tradable commodities. When times get tough, we may be the first ones pushed out the door. On the other hand, when we have a small group of close professional relationships, we’re able to get our ideas recognized and supported. We’re able to be successful leaders. We’re able to collaborate and innovate effectively and serve our clients in the way they deserve. 

Trust is the foundation of strong relationships—yet it’s noticeably absent from our culture.Over the last few decades, nearly every measure of trust has declined. This trust deficit and our professional relationship woes have grown in tandem with the rise of the Internet—and they’ve crept in so insidiously we may not have realized it was happening. 

The “normalizing” of digital relationships has masked the weakness of many professionals’ face-to-face relationship-building skills. This is especially true for younger professionals, who have grown up on a steady diet of online connections and are less schooled in the art of face-to-face relationship-building.

The ability to build trusted professional relationships should never be left to chance. We must get intentional about learning and practicing the attitudes and skills that allow us to build the 15-25 …

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