Project Management

Before You Dive In...Make Sure the Water Is Warm

Brent Langevin

The Pay for Success approach is an innovative and promising project-funding proposition that is encouraging—and will likely continue to encourage—the world to confront some of its more daunting social challenges.

A long and winding road—laborious and often complicated—leading many of those who utilize the approach feeling a bit unsettled in regard to the success of their efforts and outcomes, but not until well after a substantial commitment of time and effort has been devoted to the proposition.

Is there a way to “experience” the needs and challenges of engaging in a Pay for Success (PFS) initiative, and to “visualize” the potential benefits of the offering that could follow, without having to commit to such a significant up-front effort?

Or, can a high level of confidence be secured before such a large commitment of resources is made?

A Path to Early Stage Assurance With the Pay for Success Approach
The Pay for Success (PFS) approach provides one of the most compelling “try before you buy” platforms available to social organizations today. The attractiveness of this approach rests in the assignment of the initial financial burden of conducting new product or service analysis and testing to a willing, external third-party investment group. This external party agrees to cover all initial costs …

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"Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win."

- Bernadette Devlin