Project Management

How Collaboration Outperforms Competition

, and Shalini Ramaswamy

In today's highly competitive business world (when looked at from a customer perspective), with customers not wanting to put all their eggs in one basket, the minimum expectation from customers is an organization’s ability to effectively collaborate with its competing partners. At the end of the day, when seen from a customer perspective, the organization’s initiatives and programs are paramount to their success.

This paper presents the various collaboration techniques that were employed while working on a large legacy transformation program involving a complete redesign of the customer's existing systems. This was completely developed using open source technologies with multivendor, geographically distributed Scrum teams. At peak time, there were more than 50 Scrum teams working cohesively.

Going the traditional route of playing the blame game among partners did not help the customer and hence, various techniques were employed by the customer and partners to ensure better collaboration for success. The techniques employed covered the areas of program and project management, people management, and knowledge sharing (domain, technical, and functional). And all of this was done while making sure the proprietary information of each company was protected, so that each of the partners was able to remain competitive. The paper ends with a question …

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