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Topic Teasers Vol. 130: Early Money = More Money

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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My manager is always pushing me to finish early or deliver parts of things. This makes no sense to me. Money is money. I would reason that as long as the business receives it before the end of the year and the final stakeholder’s report, what difference does it make if we deliver project outcomes it in one month or wait a couple more and make sure everything is perfect before things are released. Why the push?

A. There is too much emphasis on the money to be made from project outputs. The focus should shift to happy customers, the longevity of team members with the organization, and the innovative nature of the items released by the enterprise. That’s the agile philosophy.

B. Since teams are paid a percentage of how much money the project returns on the investment to produce it, it is wiser to be sure that the product is perfect before allowing it to be shipped or distributed. The reputation of the organization rests on absolute flawlessness of distributed items.

C. Because of the math involved in money and the interest that can be earned on it, the earlier the money flows into the company books, the more it is worth in the long run. That’s why the agile approach, which may make earlier releases of smaller portions of …

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