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6 Ways to Remain Productive During a Crisis

Michael is a technical project/program management manager.

We are going through a difficult and uncertain time globally with the COVID-19 pandemic. It will take some time before we return to how life was prior to this crisis.

Challenging times can often create a vacuum within our lives and leave us feeling empty or even depressed. It’s quite healthy to feel this way—for a short period of time. What is invaluable is remembering that in times of stress, these moments can help us and those around us be uplifted and move forward.

With the world temporarily upside down, it’s important for us to realize that there are numerous opportunities now—ones that could present themselves as potential positive outcomes in our personal and professional lives.

1. Cut back on social media. As a society so heavily surrounded and bombarded by social media, use this time of isolation as an opportunity to unplug—and potentially spend more quality time with family/loved ones rather than partake in unproductive time online.

Social media—including Facebook, Instagram, TicTok or any other numerous applications we use daily—is just as addictive as any other habit; it can really take a chunk of your day away from you without you fully realizing it. This habit is a distraction as others may be trying to engage with us in real life. Social media often prevents us from being fully present with others (and to be …

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