Project Management

Lessons Learned Working Virtually

Don B. Hessler Jr., PMP

I believe many companies overestimate their capabilities regarding the robustness of their crisis management plans. With the advent of the novel coronavirus, these companies are now having to put their crisis management plans to the test. The future will show how their plan stacks up. A silver lining, if there can be one, is that companies will learn what worked and what processes were lacking or missing altogether. When we come out the other side, all will inevitably be better prepared.

One of the immediate ways most companies have been impacted by COVID-19 is in the area of social distancing. Most companies, either by design or mandate, have asked their employees and vendors to work remotely for a period. For companies that have previously embraced virtual teams, this is just another day at the office (or not at the office). For others, it is likely having a temporary impact on projects, employee productivity, and team collaboration.

Employees may initially be frustrated by technology issues; usage or outages due to the technology’s inability to scale quickly to accommodate the increased user base; the lack of community that working in an office setting provides; and unclear boundaries regarding work schedule or online expectations.

The sooner the newly virtualized team can adjust, find a quiet place to work, master features of collaboration tools that they may…

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