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Topic Teasers Vol. 132: Will I Always Work From Home?

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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To hear the news and read articles about the future of project management, I’m concerned about my job. Will most all of the workforce be working from home in the future? I am currently experiencing this from my apartment and while it has its perks, I’m not sure it is the optimum work environment for the types of projects I do. Many of my friends love it, as they don’t like to have to get up, get dressed and get into the workplace. I’m just confused about what I should do to prepare myself to do my best right now—and at the same time get ready for a potential repositioning of what a normal workday will look like.

A. A survey of Generation Z workers has shown that they are willing to accept up to a 23.5% paycut if they are allowed to work from home. Since this is of great financial advantage to the organization, human resource departments are preparing to offer open jobs first to those who are willing to provide their own office at a remote site.

B. This is an unusual time and things have altered quickly without a lot of opportunity for planning. Some industries do not have the option of having all employees work from their own home offices, regardless of the size and effectiveness those offices may display. But…

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