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Managing Your Career Through Global Disruptions

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We're facing disruption like never before, with massive job losses and entire industries shut down. Government debt levels are skyrocketing. You can't control your project sponsor or whether executives cancel your project.

As a project manager, look for ways to protect and grow your most important economic asset. I'm not referring to stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, real estate or any kind of financial assets.

Your most critical economic assets are your skills and connections. However, if you continue to cultivate the right skills, you will be able to make a living and find new opportunities—a mix of technical skills (e.g. project technical skills and software) and super skills. According to The Last Safe Investment, super skills are skills that have value under all economic conditions and industries. These skills include writing, design, mental models, system thinking and self-management (i.e. mental focus).

Disruptions have hit us hard in 2020. After the current crisis subsides, climate change is still on the horizon. Debt levels for companies, governments and households are reaching record highs. Some of these broader socio-economic forces are difficult to control. Here are four steps you can take to help yourself…

1. Create something based on your online learning.
In April, I came across an interesting comment from Tanay Pratap, an …

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