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6 Tips to Manage Your Busy Work Schedule

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Ogaga is a seasoned project management professional with over four years of experience. She has delivered projects across Africa, Europe and North America.

As project managers, we lead many projects at a time. Most of our days become very busy as urgent tasks pile up. This can be rather overwhelming, and you might even dread waking up. Where do you even start? I have encountered this frequently, and most of the time I want to take a day off work to “escape” the mounting to-do list. But sadly, those activities will most likely be waiting for you when you get back.

When you’re having one of these days, take a deep breath and practice these six time-management hacks. They can help you conquer your work schedule so that you have a productive day—and that all-important work/life balance.

1. Prioritize: You have to be brutal with prioritizing. The truth is that not all the to-do’s in your daily schedule are urgent and important for that day. Remove any activity on your list that can be done tomorrow. One good rule is to have a maximum of three critical activities on your daily to-do list.

Review your activities for the day and prioritize activities that are urgent and important. You can rank critical activities (or activities that, if completed, would make another activity on your list easier).

2. Use Dave Ramsey’s “snowball method”: The snowball method says that you should focus on paying off your smallest debts first. The idea for this is that you are motivated to …

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