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Acquired Soft Skills: A PM's Guide to Mastering Meeting Minutes

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If a tree falls in a forest and someone doesn’t document it, can you prove it really happened? In the world of project management, the answer is “no.” We've already looked at The Key to Easy-Breezy Meetings—and minutes are a crucial tool to document key components of a meeting. In this article, we will break down the process and provide our suggested do’s and don’ts on choice phrasing to master meeting minutes.

In our experience, the project manager is typically responsible for capturing meeting minutes, but this can be done by any designated personnel within a project team. Be sure the person(s) selected are responsible and familiar with your project history. We also strongly advise that the process is harmonized within the team so that no matter who is taking minutes that week, the product will remain consistent. A customized template is a great tool to maintain consistency.

Much like creating an outline for a school report, you can save time and stay more organized by creating an outline for your minutes. We recommend drafting and distributing a meeting agenda. This will not only prepare the team for the topics of discussion (and keep it on track), but your agenda can act as an outline for meeting minutes as well. You can add additional details discussed under the pre-filled categories in the agenda to make capturing …

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