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Topic Teasers Vol. 135: The Science of Listening

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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Recently we have had a triple whammy of people leaving, our workforce being scaled back, and our projects being redefined to fit into a changed economy. I’m pleased I’ve finally been promoted to a leadership role in what we are producing, but I’m concerned that I don’t really know how to present these changes and get buy-in from this new team. Due to project redirection, we’ve also added a few new employees to the team. How can I get them all to work together and show upper management that I was a good choice?

A. Science says that unless a new manager has at least five years working in a specific organization, they will not be able to be a successful leader. Put in your time until you reach that landmark, and then you will have the experience to begin to form a successful team.

B. Ask each employee what they have liked best about their former managers. If you are able to emulate those behaviors, you will be able to pull this new team together to have successful outputs for your company. Since there will be different preferences for each person, manage each individual in the way they prefer rather than having one style for everyone.

C. In order to assemble and form a new group into a successful project team,…

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