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Topic Teasers Vol. 136: Project Preparing for the Future at Home

Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter

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My team and I have been assigned a project to prepare and protect the organization while using at-home workers. We have also been asked to consider what would need to be adjusted in our current processes if most of our employees continued to work remotely in the future. I know to look at their laptops and connectivity, but what else am I overlooking​?

A. From the perspective of the organization, it is much better to have all workers co-located. Therefore, it is prudent to use company money and time to look only at the next few weeks when planning how the employees can work most effectively from home. Otherwise, by the time you have your plans, the need will have subsided.

B. While it is easier to work at home, customers are complaining about missed delivery deadlines and less-than-reliable responses to important questions. Businesses should only prepare for another three to four months of work-at-home time at the maximum.

C. Employees who are working from home now realize that the impact of other family members in their workspace and the infringement of work materials on their space. Most say they can’t get back to the office fast enough to see their colleagues and take advantage of the free coffee and snacks.

D. Since many …

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