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Veterans and Project Management: A Perfect Match

Phoenix Chapter

Craig is a Program/Project Manager-Development Product Owner in Phoenix.

Project managers come from all walks of life. Nearly every industry—and every company—has project management built into it in some way, shape or form. Some people purposefully explore the career path, and others (perhaps the vast majority) come across it accidentally.

Regardless of the circumstances upon your arrival into project management, the opportunities are vast across every industry. For transitioning military service members, the career path of project manager is one worth purposely exploring. It’s my belief that they are further along than you (and they) may think. Veterans absolutely possess the knowledge, skills and experience—and corporate America needs them.

I stumbled upon project management accidentally—my first dose was the military. You might say that there are no project manager roles in the ranks of the United States military, and you are correct! Look across each branch of the armed services, and nowhere within the rank structure do you see the title “project manager.” However, the military is full of them—and the PM process and core competencies are taught and honed all over the world.

When you break down the core competencies of a strong project manager, you start to see the skills necessary to successfully facilitate others in accomplishing organizational strategic objectives. The work accomplished …

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