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Rational wants to be your one stop shop for OO knowledge. Which means that you need a process for your object-oriented project. Rational provides the Rational Unified Process to accompany the panoply of other services already offered. What is the RUP? Can it help you save your troubled project?

Any project manager leading an object oriented or component development effort has by now realized the importance of using a process. A process is essential to define the task, activities and deliverables for a project. OO projects present many new concepts to developers, and it is essential to have a roadmap for the rough journey to delivering component software. The RUP fills a gap between having a fully developed process like James Martin's DAD and having no process at all.

The RUP is usually presented as a high level diagram:

The RUP is divided into workflows. The workflows identify core processes and core supporting processes. Seeing the work of development as workflows is an excellent idea. A workflow is a separate sequence of activities that is a thread independent of the other workflows. This conceptually makes sense. The requirements workflow is separate from the business modeling workflow, but the two occur in the same time space. Analysis and Design cannot begin before requirements are stated or business modeling has begun. Too many developers make that mistake …

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