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How to Handle Organizational Change Management Inadequacies

Joe Wynne is a versatile Project Manager experienced in delivering medium-scope projects in large organizations that improve workforce performance and business processes. He has a proven track record of delivering effective, technology-savvy solutions in a variety of industries and a unique combination of strengths in both process management and workforce management.

Good news! You’re the project manager of one of the first efforts after your organization announced the start of a new agile/accelerated delivery methodology.

Time to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How well do you think your organization will roll out the new methodology with training and communications?
  2. Do you think that your business partners and stakeholders understand and are supportive of the change?
  3. Do the business representatives who participate in your project understand the impact of more intense involvement?

Organizational change management (OCM) is difficult and time consuming, and you cannot assume that everything will go right and be completed before you start your project. Worse, resolution of change management issues is beyond the scope of your project.

What you can do is treat the impact of any OCM inadequacy to your project as an opportunity to show your advanced PM skills. Your advanced tactics will reduce risk and issues from inadequate OCM and enable you to deftly handle problems that do arise. Keep these three tips in mind:

1. Involve your project team in identifying issues
Your team will experience problems and obstacles resulting from inadequate change management. You must create a safe environment where openness is valued.

  • Explain to your team members that they are expected to do their best as they learn the new steps …

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