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4 Strategic Tools for Today’s Business Transformation Project

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Troy is the CEO and Founder of Aspiri Consulting, Inc. in San Francisco.

Along with the pandemic came several dramatic shifts. Practically overnight, industries went from experiencing a strong economy with steady demand to a massive inflection point—a change that drove business volumes higher in some areas (e.g., e-commerce, work-from-home tools, PPE), and business in others to an abrupt halt (e.g., travel, hospitality, dine-in food service, business apparel).

While the coronavirus ushered in dramatic swings in demand and corresponding workloads, it has delivered targeted opportunities to address problems in our business operating models (some new, some persistent) that should not be ignored.

Regardless of the type of problems (e.g., poor customer/employee experience, costly inefficiencies, unacceptable risks), how we approach them is driven by:

  1. the current volumes
  2. the level of pain

This simple construct leads us to four strategic directives right out of the neighborhood auto shop:

  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Patch
  • Grow/Redeploy

Okay, I know…that last one isn’t really aligned with the auto shop theme, but we’ll get to that later.

1. Repair (High Volume/High Pain) – Highest Priority
Have you heard the expression, “Don’t change the tires while driving down the road?” That is exactly the idea here. We cannot stop the process (or car) while high volumes flow through the …

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