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Citizen Development: The Moment the Penny Dropped

Arjun is the Managing Director for FTI Consulting in the UK.

About five years ago, I became acquainted with a relatively new trend in software development: no-code/low-code (LCNC). The ability to build and launch software applications without any coding experience immediately caught my attention.

LCNC platforms enable drag-and-drop, pre-packaged widgets and intuitive visual modelling. The promise of lightning-fast development times with smaller teams and orders-of-magnitude-less budget seemed to kick dust in the face of the unanimously accepted constraints and trade-offs affecting every project: cost, quality and scope.

A Paradigm Shift
Indeed, in his 2017 article in Forbes, Jason Bloomberg captures the essence of this paradigm shift:

“Take a traditional enterprise app that might require, say, six months, a dozen people, and two million dollars to build and deploy, and reduce those figures to two weeks, three people, and fifty thousand dollars—and end up with a faster, higher quality, more flexible app to boot.”

Extremely compelling, isn’t it?

And so began my journey of discovery into LCNC application development platforms. Over the next few years, I worked with numerous multi-nationals, all expressing a deep desire to be more innovative, more agile, more responsive and more productive—yet all struggling to achieve this in a meaningful way.

I worked with senior leaders who were intent on …

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