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How Citizen Development Can Deliver Transient Competitive Advantage

Maelisa is a consultant in Ireland.

The concept of competitive advantage fascinates me. In the world of business, competition spurs change and evolution. Competitive advantage inspires organizations to act and react in order to gain market advantages and privileges (such as the title of being a market leader, differentiator or first mover, etc.).

Is Competitive Advantage Sustainable?
As part of my dissertation for my MSc in international management and global business, I embarked on a journey to learn more about the concept of competitive advantage. I spent a significant amount of time and energy researching this topic.

I learned three primary insights:

  1. There are two traditional views of competitive advantage:
    • The market positioning view (exogenous perspective) indicates that competitive advantage is sought based on an organization’s ability to understand its environment and competitors along with the organization’s ability to choose an appropriate competitive position within the marketplace.
    • The resource-based view (endogenous perspective) encapsulates the mindset that an organization’s competitive advantage is derived from its internal abilities in terms of resources and competencies.
  2. The traditional theories are critiqued based on three major limitations: static perspective, timing and the assumption of sustainability.
  3. The most important insight I learned while…

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