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The Rise and Role of the Citizen Developer


In the new work ecosystem, citizen developers are becoming instrumental to organizations. But who exactly is the citizen developer? And what is their role within an organization?  

In this video, PMI executives and individuals take a look at who the citizen developer is, the drivers behind this role, and the capabilities required to fulfill this role.

Here is a transcript of the video:

Sarina Arcara, PMP VP, Amtrak:

"To me a Citizen Developer is a person who I think first and foremost is interested in in solving problems."

Dave Garrett, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Project Management Institute:

"Many of us have said, you know, I wish there was an app that did this, you know this thing that I need right now, this challenge that I'm facing how can I resolve that. I wish there was an app for that."

Sunil Prashara, President and CEO, Project Management Institute:

"You can actually create that solution for yourself with the tools because you understand the workflow, the interface is in such a way that you can actually drag and drop what you want, literally draw a workflow, and the application is already being created behind in real time. And that is low code no code citizen developer."

Eric van Antwerpen, VP & GM Global Enterprise Sales, Manpower Group:

"Because this is not about technology. …

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