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A Letter From the PMIEF Board of Directors: Thank You!


2020 has been quite a year—not just for PMI and the PMI Educational Foundation, but across the world. We’ve not only had to learn how to pivot within our communities, but within our day-to-day lives on multiple levels. However, during this transitional year, our community has learned that “socially distant” doesn’t have to mean “disconnected.”

Thanks to you—our donors, volunteers and champions—PMIEF has been able to adapt and strive for progress during this uncertain time and move toward our goal of inspiring youth to leverage Project Management for Social Good®.  

Below are a few milestones we’ll remember from 2020.

Expansion of PMIEF’s Partnerships
The expansion of PMIEF’s partnership program in 2020 has been thrilling. Since partnering with F1 in Schools™, Junior Achievement Africa and Special Olympics International in 2019 to further reach youth and help them learn about project management, our team has now welcomed Children International, DiscoverE and Junior Achievement Europe as partners.

PMIEF’s partnerships will integrate project management into the project-oriented youth programs they deliver so young people learn and practically apply this knowledge. As a result, more than 2 million youth on six continents will build their project management competence and …

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