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True Confessions

Francine Meidhof
I met Marge at Project World in Boston last week. She recently made the transition from project team member to project manager. She's been a PM for about one year now -- and has learned a lot more than she bargained for.

After working in software development for 15 years, it only seemed natural for her to make the leap into management. She heard that making the transition from peer to manager could be difficult, so she chose to go with the open-door approach. Marge found that keeping the lines of communication open was the best way for her to get the feedback she was looking for. Knowing how others perceive your work helps keep you in check, understand what you are doing right, and of course, what you are doing wrong (people never seem to have a hard time telling you that part of it.)

Suddenly, she's the boss
Wondering why moving up to PM might be a difficult transition?


First, it's difficult on an organizational level. Although you can search online and find tons of useful information on Project Management, Marge pointed out that only recently have many IT companies started to value the discipline of Project Management. Many companies that have their own best practices and methods in place are fine with just leaving well enough alone. Its always more comfortable to stick with what you know, rather than throw a wrench …

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