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Conversations on Citizen Development: Why Information Security Matters in Citizen Development

Arjun is the Managing Director for FTI Consulting in the UK.

Why does information security matter to citizen development? And how can citizen development help with information security? Chris Basener, information security management consultant, and Arjun Jamnadass, interim Managing Director of Citizen Developer at PMI, had a wide ranging conversation about this.

Check out the video, and the transcript below!

Arjun Jamnadass: Hello and welcome to our Conversations on CD. By popular demand we are reintroducing it as a series of podcasts. And our first guest today is Chris Basener. So Chris, you can introduce yourself.

Chris Basener: I'm glad to be here. I just realized this month I first completed my first tech project about 20 years ago so I've worn different hats as many people have as project manager consultant and director of security, so I'm thrilled to be here.

Arjun Jamnadass: Thank you. So for those who don't know me, I am the interim Managing Director of Citizen Developer at PMI and really excited about this movement. I think we're about to see things really explode in the market. Chris, thank you very much for being here.

So, I understand your background is very much in the space of information security. To the layperson, can you dispel what does that mean? It seems to be a bit of a mystic art for a lot of people outside.

Chris Basener: Sure. So, information security boils down to …

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