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8 Ways Citizen Developer Benefits IT Teams


Citizen development and the low-code/no-code (LCNC) platform movement are focused on democratizing application development. Business users are able to develop applications by themselves. But business users are not the only individuals that experience the benefits of citizen development. For business solutions that require IT subject matter expertise, either due to scale or scope, incorporating citizen development has significant benefits for IT teams as well.

Here are eight ways that Citizen Developer can benefit IT teams:

  1. Rapid prototyping and faster development time
  2. Helping to reduce the IT backlog
  3. Improved sustainability and integration with legacy systems
  4. Improved partnering with the business (move from order takers to trusted partners)
  5. Flexibility of solutions
  6. End of “shadow IT”
  7. Ability to do more with less budget
  8. Upskilling and quick mastery of a new skill

1. Rapid prototyping and faster development time
LCNC platforms allow users to quickly develop an MVP. Rather than spending weeks or months developing an application based on defined requirements, LCNC tools allow you to create a functional and visually appealing application in a fraction of the time.

LCNC platforms allow you to leverage their reusable templates and components to avoid re-inventing the wheel with every application developed.

IT can oversee the process …

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