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A Guide to Enterprise Risk Requirements for Citizen Development


To build better applications, citizen developers need to learn how to analyze and design for enterprise risk requirements as a part of capability development.

In this article you will:

  • Learn what the difference between functional and nonfunctional requirements is
  • Understand the role of stakeholders when gathering requirements and how to define, classify and recognize nonfunctional requirements in application design

Enterprise Risk Requirements in Practice
Let’s assume you have a great idea to build an application that will address a well-known gap in your organization and you already know that it will be used by many eager colleagues once it goes live.

The application needs to meet certain requirements in order to satisfy users and to get their buy-in—and you, as the idea originator, probably already have a lot of them in mind. But as application development gets underway, other requirements will emerge.

If you are lucky, these will be functionality requests or changes that serve to introduce new and desirable features to the application. Less desirable changes fall into maintenance and performance categories, as these could point to underlying structural issues that may be difficult to remedy without a significant rebuild effort.

An effective way to minimize disruptive development work on an application is to make sure you spend enough …

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