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5 Low-Code/No-Code Real-Life Examples for Telco [Infographic]


Are you looking for examples of low-code/no-code applications in real telco organizations? Curious about what other telecommunications companies have done with citizen development? We have rounded up five different examples of citizen development in telco, showing a range of benefits from empowering employees to increased revenue to saving costs.

1. Low-code solution empowers frontline workers in CenturyLink, improving and automating processes
CenturyLink field technicians are solving problems, creating solutions and serving customers—by utilizing low-code technology that they can adapt to fit their needs. For example, more than 1,000 technicians in eight states (and counting) use a low-code app to quickly communicate information and to more efficiently deploy the resources that are needed to resolve service disruption.

“After a little learning, (these solutions) are easy to use and adaptable enough to solve a lot of problems. If I can make our CSTs and my life easier as we work for customers, that’s a good thing.” - Robert Autry: Supervisor of Regional Operations, CenturyLink

2. Oi implemented one unified, efficient system to increase productivity and revenue
Brazilian telecom network provider Oi services more than 70 million customers. Several fragmented CRM systems left Oi agents struggling to choose among 20,000 possible service …

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