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Conversations on Citizen Development: Building Entrepreneurship With No-Code

Arjun is the Managing Director for FTI Consulting in the UK.

How can no-code be used for building new companies? Did you know there are over 400 (and growing) no-code software platforms out there? Max Mirho of Entrepenerd and Arjun Jamnadass, interim Managing Director of Citizen Developer at PMI, had a wide-ranging conversation about no-code, entrepreneurship and citizen development.

Check out the video (which you can also see here), and the transcript below!

Arjun Jamnadass: All right. Hello and welcome to another Conversation on CD. Today my guest is Max Mirho. I’m going to get an intro from you, but as you know I’m the managing director at FTI Consulting and also Strategic Advisor in Citizen Development for PMI.

So Max, you are an educator on entrepreneurship, and also the founder and host of Entreprenerd. So I guess to start things off, tell me about your Road to Damascu. How did you get here?

Max Mirho: Yeah, absolutely. So, Entreprenerd it’s a show, a live show on the internet where I teach entrepreneurship, it used to be a video series a long time ago, kind of aimed at the same process. But basically, I was trying to learn entrepreneurship myself while I was in college. I was interviewing a ton of entrepreneurs, I was taking classes, but I ended up learning the most on a small scale at least, how to build a business from messing around and trying to build my own things.

I ended up building …

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