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Here's What You Asked About PMI Citizen Developer


Citizen development is gaining traction, and PMI has launched new resources to help support project managers to learn about this new approach. As part of the Discover PMI Ask Us Anything Series, we held the webinar PMI Citizen Developer: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!, during which the community could find out what’s happening in citizen development with respect to approaches and best practices, successes and challenges.

On hand to answer questions about the PMI Citizen Developer program, courses and Handbook  were Arjun Jamnadass, Citizen Developer Service Line Interim Managing Director; Jody Temple White, Citizen Developer Subject Matter Expert; and Richard Earley, Citizen Developer Head of Products. Here are some of the key question that the community asked:

1. Is the Citizen Developer Handbook included with the Foundation course?
The Handbook is not part of the Foundation Course. These are separate Citizen Developer products.

2. Do we need to read the Handbook before we take the course?
You do not need to read the Handbook before taking the Foundation course; however, it does provide supplementary information and it goes into more detail than Citizen Developer Foundation. As you continue your citizen development journey with future courses, such Citizen Developer Practitioner or Citizen Developer Business Architect, the Handbook will …

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