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3 Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems

Michael is a technical project/program management manager.

As a project manager, using creative problem-solving abilities is a soft skill that will always require honing. Mastering how to face, analyze and conquer these everyday challenges isn’t an easy skill to acquire. It often takes practice—and at times placing ourselves in positions that we are uncomfortable with to resolve them.

Having the tenacity and confidence to face, learn and overcome problems is an integral part of being an effective leader—and a skill set that every project manager must be comfortable with facing head on.

Here I share some tactics that will hopefully provide a catalyst in helping you hone your problem-solving skills.

“There are no problems, only solutions.”
- John Lennon

As an avid Beatles fan I thought this John Lennon quote would be a fun introduction to the topic of problem solving. One of the many positive attributes of Lennon was his ability to create change and growth by his use of openness of creative solutions to the challenges he faced.

Lennon’s critics would frequently read deeply into his every lyric, looking for hidden meanings and symbolism that linked to “drugs” or any other type of bad behavior to discredit The Beatles. Instead of seeing this as a threat and hindering his writing, he used this as motivation to fuel his creativity while poking fun at his critics to resolve …

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"I never resist temptation, because I have found that things that are bad for me do not tempt me."

- George Bernard Shaw