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Here’s What You Asked About The PMI Citizen Development Handbook


Citizen development is gaining traction, and PMI has launched new resources to help support project managers and interested parties learn about this new approach. We held a webinar “The Inside Scoop on the PMI Citizen Developer Handbook,” during which the community found out what inspired the creation of this useful book, how it was created, and some of the key tools covered in the Handbook.

This book brings together the latest thinking on citizen development from industry thought leaders, low-code/no-code vendors, transformation experts, and executives who oversee large technology investments. It guides organizations to deliver citizen development projects, design better apps, scale the operating model, align key stakeholders, and nurture and grow citizen development.

Two of the lead architects behind the framework and methods, Arjun Jamnadass and Ian Duncan, presented the webinar and answered questions. Here are some of the key question that the community asked of these two thought leaders in citizen development:

Q: Is the Citizen Developer Handbook included with the Foundation course?
The Handbook is not part of the Foundation Course. These are separate Citizen Developer products.

Q: Do we need to read the Handbook before we take the course?
You do not need to read the Handbook before taking the Foundation course; however, it does provide …

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