Project Management

Opportunities for PMs in the Legal Sector

Dee Tamlin

Project management has been a revolutionary force in many important industries. The demand for project managers is at a high, with Project Management Institute expecting 22 million new project management jobs to open by 2027 globally. Project managers are becoming desirable in a variety of industries, breaking into sectors and departments that traditionally haven’t made use of project management. The legal sector is at the top of the list.

These developments are exciting, but the increased uptake of project management also introduces risks that need to be navigated. As more businesses appoint project managers, there's a risk that some stakeholders, not accustomed to them, do not fully understand our role and do not know how best to work with us. Additionally, these same stakeholders may have been part of an unsuccessful project in the recent past and are therefore skeptical of your role. After all, a project shouldn't be at odds with business ambitions but aligned with them. 

Another issue we run into frequently is businesses wanting to project manage an unrealistic number of initiatives at the same time. This brings a number of challenges, including running too many projects simultaneously. The consequence is that no projects are seen through from beginning to end or meet their aims.

Also, there's a risk that your workload becomes unmanageable …

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